October 25, 2023 Newsletter

Oaklawn Elementary      School


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School Hours:   7:40am - 2:45pm

Lunch Times: 

  • 2nd & 5th    11:00-11:45am
  • KG & 4th    11:30am-12:15pm
  • 1st & 3rd    12:05-12:50pm

Future Dates 

(Link to Website Calendar)

Oct. 26 - Halloween Dance

Oct. 27 - No School

Oct. 31 - Fall Celebrations, 2:00pm

Nov. 8 - Picture Re-Take day - Info below

Nov. 9 - Parent/Teacher Conferences, 3-6pm

Nov. 10 - No School

Nov. 13 - PTO Meeting, 6pm (Virtual links are below)

Nov. 14 - Winter Concert Gr. 1 & 2, Alberta Kimball Aud.

Nov. 18 - Oaklawn Family HERD night, 7pm (Link

Nov. 20 - Parent/Teacher Conferences, 3-6pm

Fall Celebrations - October 31

Oaklawn will celebrate the Fall Harvest with a classroom social and school parade on October 31st. The classroom parties will begin at 2:00pm. Your child may bring a costume to school to change into. They will need to be able to change into it on their own in 3-5 minutes. Parents will not be able to come into the building to help kids get dressed. Please note that costumes that are scary, gruesome, gory or that display look alike weapons will not be allowed per board policy. Masks may be worn on top of the head, but may not cover the face.

At 2:25pm each class will walk on the “track” (sidewalk) around the soccer field. Family and friends are welcome to line the soccer field. Should we have inclement weather that afternoon, we will move the parade to the gym.

Per Board Policy, if you plan to send food for your child(ren)’s class party, please follow these guidelines:

  • Cut fruit, vegetable & cheese trays are allowed only if purchased already assembled from a grocery store. These items must be refrigerated until served.
  • All “dry” items such as cookies and crackers must be store purchased and individually packaged.

Student Pictures

Click on this link for ordering instructions

Picture Re-Take day is November 8.  Students who had their pictures taken will be getting either the package they ordered or an information sheet that has a student specific ordering code on it to purchase.  We should be getting them in a couple of weeks and will send them home with the students.  If you want your child to have their picture taken on November 8th you need to let your child's teacher OR the office know.  That way we can make sure they get them taken.  

The link will no longer work so you will have to wait until the information sheets get returned so you can use the code to order them.  

First page of the PDF file: RetakeDayInfo

Food Service News

are available online on the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.  Look under the "More" tab in the menu and look for "Meal Benefits". Forms were also mailed out in the US mail to all households in mid-July. Please return your completed application to the Food Services Office, Oshkosh West High School, 375 N. Eagle St., Oshkosh, WI 54902, or the Elementary School Office your child attends on or before the first day of school.

HAVE LUNCH WITH YOUR CHILD All Elementary Schools and the Food Services Department invites parents of school-age children to have lunch with their child any school day. Please let the school office know in advance so we can make sure a lunch gets ordered for you. You may bring money with you to pay for the meal or the adult lunch can be charged to your students Food Service Account.

The food service department is seeking individuals to work for our department serving breakfast and / or lunch. The majority of these positions available are 1.5 - 2 hours in length and are during the breakfast and lunch service time, which varies with the school. Opportunities for longer shifts and additional hours may also be available. Please see the WECAN at https://wecan.education.wisc.edu website for employment opportunities along with applying for positions within the Food Service Department.

Hearing and Vision Screenings


Halloween Dance 

First page of the PDF file: HalloweenDance2023_001

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Our Fall Parent Teacher Conferences are only 2 weeks away.  They will be held on November 9th and November 13th from 3:00-6:00pm. Again we will be using the PTCFast system to sign families up for dates and times.  Please check your email for the invitation and directions.  

Weather-Your Child Needs A Coat

Please make sure that your child has a coat everyday at school.  All students will be outside for recess unless it is raining or the temperature is below 10 degrees. If you are in need of winter gear, please contact the school office.  We do have resources to get winter clothing for families who are in need.    

It is also a good idea to have an extra change of clothes in your child's locker just in case!  Mud outside, bathroom accidents, etc. 

Fun Things We Do At Oaklawn!

We had a great time at the PTO Dine & Donate last night at McDonald's.  Thank you to everyone who came out to support us.


The gym classes are playing parachute games this week!


Oaklawn school partners with UWO to give experience to our next generation of teachers.  Here they are working on Literacy skills with our 1st grade students. 

Recess Milk - Negative Food Service Balance

Reminder to families-We have had some families question why their child's balance is negative.  Lunch and Breakfast are free to all students.  This means an entire meal, not just a milk.  If your family qualifies for the free/reduced meals program then your child can also have a free recess milk.  If you do not qualify recess milk is 40¢ a day.  When you log into your parent portal the home page shows your child's Food Service Balance.  Please make sure you are putting money in this account so your child can have recess milk.  

IMPORTANT-This balance will follow your child from school to school so any positive (or negative) balances will move on to middle and high school.  If you have questions or concerns please call the office.  

Parking Drop Off and Pick Up

A reminder to families to always check for parking signs when dropping off and picking up your child from school.  The area by the playground on Linwood Av is for bus parking only.  Cars should not be using that area as a drop off in the morning.  We have placed orange cones in the street on Viola Av where there is NO Parking/No Stopping/No Standing.  This means NO cars should ever be in these areas between 7:00am and 3:00pm.  Please, please, please make sure you are not letting your children off in the "coned" area even if the cones are not there, we need families to know that they can not use that area.  We also wanted to remind families that the drop off time at Oaklawn is 7:25am.  We do not have a supervisor present until that time for students to turn to if any issues arise.  Also remember that if you want to use the parking lot to drop your child off, you MUST park in a space.  The driving lane must remain clear so other cars can come and go.  Please utilize the drop off zone on Viola St. next to the school building.  

First page of the PDF file: OaklawnParkingMap


PTO Meeting (Virtual)Google Meet Info

September 18, 2023, 6pm  (Agenda) (Minutes)

November 13, 2023, 6pm

February 4, 2024, 6pm

April 8, 2024, 6pm 

PTO 2023-24 Events

  • Licorice Fundraiser - September
  • Culver's Dine and Donate - September 25
  • Fall Book Fair - October 16-20
  • McTeacher Night - Dine and Donate - October 23
  • Halloween Dance - October 26
  • Oaklawn Family Night with The Herd - November 18
  • Santa Literacy Night - December 18
  • Candy Bar Fundraiser - January 
  • Movie Night - February 8
  • Kringle Fundraiser - February
  • Spring Book Fair and Literacy Night - April 22-26
  • Teacher Appreciation - May 6-10
  • Dig in for Donuts - May 17
  • Kona Ice Celebration - Last day of school

2022-2023 PTO Leadership Team 

Co-Chairman - Cassandra Running

Co-Chairman -  Samm Pamperin

Scott Johanknecht - Principal 920-424-0170 or scott.johanknecht@oshkosh.k12.wi.us

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/OaklawnOwlPTO