Newsletter November 6, 2019


Oaklawn Elementary      School

November 6, 2019: Issue 10


School Hours:   7:40am - 2:45pm

School Closing Information
Parent Volunteer Application

From our PTO

Help Needed - The Oaklawn PTO needs 5th Grade Parents/Guardians to step into a leadership role for 5th grade end of the year activities.

  • We need 3-5 parents to step up this year to lead:
  • Leave Your Mark Project (assist with the fundraiers piece which we thought Eatons)
  • 5th Grade Graduation---decorations & event planning, working with Abby Cravillion on 5th grade books
  • Memory Slide Show - to be played at the Graduation
  • 5th Grade T-Shirts

If you are interested, please contact Stephanie at PTO Fundraiser

Fundraiser Reminder - Our PTO Little Caeser’s Pizza fundraiser is underway!  All orders and money are due to the office by Friday, November 8th.

Dine & Donate -Leave the cooking to someone else on November 12th!  Join us at Buffalo Wild Wings anytime from 11am-11pm to help us raise money for our school!

Start of the Day

We have seen an increase in the number of students who are tardy each morning.  School starts at 7:40am.  Please do everything possible to have your child here on time.  Our breakfast program starts at 7:10am every morning and is FREE to all students regardless of income.

Holiday Concert

Our Holiday Concert featuring 1st and 2nd graders will be Monday, November 18th at 6pm.  Students should arrive no later than 5:45pm.  This is a spiffy clothes event!  The concert will be held at Oshkosh West HS, Alberta Kimball Auditorium.  The concert will last about an hour.

Old Man Winter is Here

It’s hard to believe we already have snow on the ground.  At Oaklawn, students need to be dressed appropriately to play in the snow.  Snow pants and boots are required to play in the snow.  Please put your child’s name or initials in his/her coat, snow pants and boots.  One pair of black snow pants looks like all the others!  With over 400 kids here, that adds up more than 400 coats, 400 snow pants, 800 boots and 800 gloves.  Please label everything!!!  If you are having trouble getting these items for your child, please contact the school office.  We have been given a few donations to hand out to students in need.  

School Store

Our School store will be open on Thursdays and Fridays beginning in November.  The school store has a variety of fun, small items ranging from .25 to a few dollars.  On Thursdays, the school store will be open from 2:45-3pm.  On Fridays, the school store will be open from 7:25-7:40am.  Once the 7:40am bell rings, students are expected to go to class.

Snack / Recess Milk

Please remeber to pay for your child's milk.  Breakfast and lunch are free but students are still charged $ .35 for recess milk. 

Community Events

Do you want to know about YMCA activities, sports camps, Girl/Boy Scouts, community events such as Halloween events provided by UW-Oshkosh, North High School, or local churches?  The school district advertises for many community events to keep you in the know. They are all posted here:

OSHY Dolphins Swim Team

Swimmers work on technical improvement, physical conditioning,  and social development.

Oshkosh Youth Symphony Fall Concert

"Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead"

Spartans Softball Club (Northside Feeder Schools)

The Spartan Softball Club is a non-profit community-based organization in Oshkosh, WI created to develop and foster confidence in all girls interested in playing fast pitch softball.

Oshkosh Spartan Wrestling Club  (Northside Feeder Schools)

Spartan Wrestling Club is an organization that strives to prepare young people for the challenges of life through the sport of wrestling and improving their wrestling skills, while still having fun.

Halloween Candy Buy Back

Glacier Dental will be hosting a Halloween Candy Buy Back event.  Every pound donated earns you or your child $1.  In addition, each donor will receive a tooth-care goodie bag and an entry ticket into our Kid's Oral B  Toothbrush raffle.  All candy donated goes directly to the troops serving overseas.

YMCA Strong Moms 

Relax, Healthy Eating, Happy Holidays.  Take a break while your kids are cared for.

Franki Moscato & Friends

The performance will support The Franki Moscato Foundation which focuses on young adults to prevent suicide and promote mental health through inspiration, education, and kindness.

Reading Education Assistance Dog

The Oshkosh Public Library has four volunteer teams of Reading Education Assistance Dogs just waiting to share cozy, relaxing time with student readers.   


Now Hiring!

We are in significant need for morning and lunch recess supervisors!! In the morning, we can use 1-2 people welcoming students into the kitchen and processing their pin numbers. At lunch, we can use 1-2 people processing pin numbers and 2 people outside at recess. Breakfast hours are 7:00-8:00am and lunch hours are 10:45-12:45pm. If you’d like an application, please stop in at the office.

Future Dates  (Link to Calendar)

November 7th

  • 2nd grade swimming, downtown YMCA 12:30-2pm 
  • School Store open 2:45-3pm

November 8th 

  • Little Caesar’s Pizza Orders due today!
  • School Store open 7:25-7:40am

November 12th 

  • Ms. Retzlaff & Ms. Theel’s classes to Oshkosh Youth Symphony Concert  8:30-11am
  • PTO Dine and Donate - Buffalo Wild Wings, 11am - 11pm
  • pdsFUSION kids running club!  2:45-4pm

November 13th 

  • Early Dismissal, 12:30pm

November 14th 

  • 2nd grade swimming, downtown YMCA 12:30-2pm
  • School Store open 2:45-3pm

November 15th 

  • School Store open 7:25am-7:40am

November 18th 

  • Holiday Concert featuring 1st & 2nd graders.  **Alberta Kimball Auditorium, 6pm (arrive by 5:50pm)

November 19th  

  • pdsFUSION kids running club!  2:45-4pm

November 21st  

  • 2nd grade swimming, downtown YMCA 12:30-2pm
  • School Store open 2:45-3pm

November 22nd 

  • School Store open 7:25-7:40am

November 26th  

  • pdsFUSION kids running club  2:45-4pm

November 27 - 28

  • No School

December 3

  • pdsFUSION kids running club  2:45-4pm

December 5

  • 2nd grade swimming, downtown YMCA 12:30-2pm

December 6

  • Mrs. Urbas/Mrs. Fazer's 3rd grade classes, Paine Art Center, 9:30-11:00am

December 7

  • pdsFUSION Running Club 5K - Race for the Light

December 9

  • PTO Meeting (Oaklawn Media Center), 6:00pm
  • PTO Dine and Donate - Rocky's Pizza/Rose Subs, 11:00am - 11:00pm

December 10

  • PTO Dine and Donate - Rocky's Pizza/Rose Subs, 11:00am - 11:00pm

December 11

  • Early Release, 12:30pm

December 12

  • 2nd grade swimming, downtown YMCA 12:30-2pm

Breakfast Program 

As you know, our breakfast and lunch programs are now free for all students, regardless of income. Due to the increased numbers, we are now starting our service at 7:10am instead of 7:15. Breakfast ends at 7:40, so that students may get to class on time. We have seen an increase in the number of students arriving for breakfast at 7:40 and they are mainly car riders and walkers. If your child is walking or getting a ride, please plan for his/her arrival by 7:30 so he/she has time to eat in the cafeteria. Thanks for your help with this!

From the office……….


The Department of Public Instruction gives each student 10 absences (not days)  per year. An absence is considered anything beyond 10 minutes. Examples of an absence (½ or full day)  include:

Leaving early for/arriving later from an appointment

  • Illness

  • Vacations/out of town

  • Arriving after 7:55am, leaving prior to 2:35pm

When a student exceeds 10 absences, one or all of the following will happen:

  • A letter of concern will be sent

  • A truancy meeting will be set up 

  • A doctor’s note will be required for any future absence

  • Parent/Guardian can receive a ticket

For medical appointments (doctor, dentist, ortho, eye, etc.), we recommend getting a doctor’s note and bringing it to school upon your child’s return to school.   Please plan vacations according to the OASD school year calendar whenever possible.  

Absences/late arrivals 

Our first bell rings at 7:40am and the day begins at 7:45am.  Please do everything necessary to have your child to school on time each and everyday.  If your child is late, please have him/her check in at the office. If your child will be late for any reason, or will not be attending school that day, please call 424-0170 and leave a detailed message.  Our voicemail is on 24/7. If your child is ill, please leave specific symptoms, as we track illnesses for the county health department to track and prevent outbreaks.    

Newsletter/Website/School Events

Our newsletter is sent electronically every week on Wednesday.  We will use the email account listed in your parent portal. All information is available electronically by email or on the parent portal.  It is the parent’s responsibility to log on to their parent portal/email regularly to stay informed with what is going on in our school. We are continuously updating our website and calendar with family events, field trips, spirit days, etc, so check it often!  If you do not have electronic access to the newsletter and would like a paper copy, please let the office know.

Parent Portal

It is important to check your student’s Infinite Campus account on a regular basis to keep current on any fees that may be due (food service, etc.).  All fees carry over from year to year and will accumulate until they are paid. Once your student is in high school, he/she cannot participate in many activities until these fees are paid in full.  Also, please remember to update any demographic changes to your student’s information (phone, email, address, etc.). If you have any questions or concerns, please call Mrs. Schiefelbein in the office at 424-0170.


The Oshkosh Area School District expects students to attend their home school, based on where they live.  All mail from OASD will come to the primary address in your Infinite Campus Parent Portal. The address that district office has on file is the address where the child’s guardian lives and where the child sleeps at night.  It cannot be an extended family members home (Grandparents/Aunt/Uncle).  Anyone who is not residing in the correct attendance zone will be transferred to their home school.


If your child will be out for a vacation, please call or send a note to the office 2 weeks prior to the vacation.  This will allow the classroom teacher time to gather necessary work.

Early Release Dates

On the following dates, we will dismiss students at 12:30pm: November 13, December 11, January 8, February 12, March 11, April 8, May 13.

Lost & Found

Please label everything!  This includes jackets, lunch boxes & backpacks.  You’d be amazed at the large amount of things that get lost!

Birthday Treats

The Oshkosh Area School District no longer celebrate birthdays with food treats.  However, you are welcome to send pencils, notebooks, erasers or a book/game for the class.  Healthy Snacks: you are welcome to send a healthy snack to school for your child to enjoy during snack time.  

Healthy Snacks

Students take a snack break each school day.  Students can take a school milk and may bring a healthy snack from home.  Healthy snacks include granola bars, fruit, vegetables, string cheese or plain crackers.  Please leave the sugary snacks and doritos at home. Due to allergy concerns, students may not share food of any kind at meals or snack time.

From our Nurse: Medication Policy

Medication will not be given at school unless it is absolutely necessary.  Any medications that requires FOUR DOSES OR MORE  a day can be given at school by a designated, trained staff member.  Before a child can be given any medication the parent MUST supply a form signed by the doctor.  These forms can be obtained from the school office or your doctor. If you have any questions about medication, please contact our school nurse, at 424-0170, ext. 4342.