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November 12, 2021 


School Hours:   7:40am - 2:45pm

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Brrrrr......Winter Temps are Back!

Please be sure that your child is dressed appropriately for the weather.  Students will be outside before school every day and again for at least 2 recesses during the day.  

Snow Expectations (I know, but it's right around the corner):  At Oaklawn, students need to be dressed appropriately to play in the snow.  Snow pants and boots are required to play in the snow.  Please put your child’s name or initials in his/her coat, snow pants and boots.  One pair of black snow pants looks like all the others!  With over 400 kids here, that adds up more than 400 coats, 400 snow pants, 800 boots and 800 gloves.  Please label everything!!!  If you are having trouble getting these items for your child, please contact the school office.  We have been given a few donations to hand out to students in need.  


First page of the PDF file: UnderwaterAdventure-Poster1

Attendance and Tardiness

It is important for children to develop good habits at an early age and to learn that school is important. We need all parents to set a good example by having their children at school daily, not taking their children out early and not allowing their children to miss school unless they are ill or there is a family emergency. Please try to arrange doctor’s visits or family errands after school hours.

We also expect all students to arrive at school on time. The practice of arriving to school, work or other appointments on time is a life skill. As parents and adults in the workforce, we know the importance of punctuality. As parents we are our children’s first and most influential models of this critical life skill that will help our children become more successful.              Remember the Oaklawn school day starts at 7:45 am and ends at 2:45 pm.

Picture Re-Take Day 

The re-take picture day will be November 22nd  8:30-9:30am.  You can still use the link to pay online or print off the order form and send it to school.  Please contact the office if you have questions or want to make sure your order was turned in.    Order Form  


If students have not been photographed this school year, please be prepared to have a photograph taken on re-take day.  All students must be photographed.  Portraits will be needed for your school’s database.


If you want a re-take of your student’s original portrait, please return the original package in its entirety to the photographer on re-take day.  A replacement package will be printed and delivered to the school with your student’s new image.  If you did not purchase photos from the original picture day and want a re-take, please have the student’s picture taken.


If you would like to order school pictures for the first time, you can print and use the order form .pdf link above or obtain one from the school office.  Just fill out the order form and bring it with you to re-take day.


If you do not order your student’s portrait on re-take day, you will still be able to order online for the entire school year.  Approximately 3 weeks after the portrait is taken your student will bring home a proof form with their own secure private gallery password.  Online orders get mailed directly to your home and will include a shipping charge of $5.25.


Re-take photos will be delivered to the school approximately three weeks after the re-take day.

From the office……….


The Department of Public Instruction per Wisconsin State Law allows parents to excuse their child for 10 days per year (not including Covid related absences or quarantines).  An absence is considered anything beyond 10 minutes. Examples of an absence (½ or full day)  include:

  • Leaving early for/arriving later from an appointment
  • Illness

  • Personal days

  • Vacations/out of town

  • Arriving after 7:55am, leaving prior to 2:35pm

When a student exceeds 10 absences, one or all of the following will happen:

  • A letter of concern will be sent

  • A truancy meeting will be set up 

  • A doctor’s note will be required for any future absence

  • Parent/Guardian can receive a ticket

For medical appointments (doctor, dentist, ortho, eye, etc.), we recommend getting a doctor’s note and bringing it to school upon your child’s return to school.   Please plan vacations according to the OASD school year calendar whenever possible.  

Absences/late arrivals 

Our first bell rings at 7:40am and the day begins at 7:45am.  Please do everything necessary to have your child to school on time each and everyday.  If your child is late, please have him/her check in at the office. If your child will be late for any reason, or will not be attending school that day, please call 424-0170 and leave a detailed message.  Our voicemail is on 24/7. If your child is ill, please leave specific symptoms, as we track illnesses for the county health department to track and prevent outbreaks.    

Newsletter/Website/School Events

Our newsletter is sent electronically every week on Wednesday.  We will use the email account listed in your parent portal. All information is available electronically by email or on the parent portal.  It is the parent’s responsibility to log on to their parent portal/email regularly to stay informed with what is going on in our school. We are continuously updating our website and calendar with family events, field trips, spirit days, etc, so check it often!  If you do not have electronic access to the newsletter and would like a paper copy, please let the office know.

Parent Portal

It is important to check your student’s Infinite Campus account on a regular basis to keep current on any fees that may be due (food service, etc.).  All fees carry over from year to year and will accumulate until they are paid. Once your student is in high school, he/she cannot participate in many activities until these fees are paid in full.  Also, please remember to update any demographic changes to your student’s information (phone, email, address, etc.). If you have any questions or concerns, please call Mrs. Schiefelbein in the office at 424-0170.


The Oshkosh Area School District expects students to attend their home school, based on where they live.  All mail from OASD will come to the primary address in your Infinite Campus Parent Portal. The address that district office has on file is the address where the child’s guardian lives and where the child sleeps at night.  It cannot be an extended family members home (Grandparents/Aunt/Uncle).  Anyone who is not residing in the correct attendance zone will be transferred to their home school.


If your child will be out for a vacation, please call or send a note to the office 2 weeks prior to the vacation.  This will allow the classroom teacher time to gather necessary work.

Birthday Treats

The Oshkosh Area School District no longer celebrate birthdays with food treats.  However, you are welcome to send pencils, notebooks, erasers or a book/game for the class.  Healthy Snacks: you are welcome to send a healthy snack to school for your child to enjoy during snack time.  

Healthy Snacks

Students take a snack break each school day.  Students can take a school milk and may bring a healthy snack from home.  Healthy snacks include granola bars, fruit, vegetables, string cheese or plain crackers.  Please leave the sugary snacks and doritos at home. Due to allergy concerns, students may not share food of any kind at meals or snack time.

FACE MASK Required...Oaklawn Families

Please remember to send a mask with your child to school each day.  We have a very LIMITED supply of disposable masks available if a student forgets their mask.  All students and staff are required to wear a mask prior to entering the building. Thank you.

Keep Contacting the School

The OASD still has COVID-19 protocols in place.  If anyone in your household shows symptoms of Covid-19 please keep all school age household members at home and contact your child's school.  We are still contact tracing and quarantining students as needed.

In an effort to continue to track symptomatic students, return dates to school, and Covid-19 cases, we kindly ask that you continue to notify your school nurse when your child has symptoms, has tested positive for Covid-19, or has been a close contact to someone that has tested positive for Covid-19. Please call 920-509-0586 or email with Covid-related information.

Thank you. 

2021 Oaklawn PTO


2021-2022 PTO Leadership Team 

President:  Stephanie Pereira Da Silva

Vice-President: Beth Kimball

Treasurer: Samm Pamperin

Secretary: Jennifer Greenfield

Mr. Scott J: Principal 920-424-0170 or

PTO Meetings-6PM (Virtual)

September 9, 2021   Minutes 9/9/2021

December 16, 2021

March 15, 2022

May 24, 2022

Future Dates

November 16

  • Music Concert Grades 1, 2 and 3.  6pm @ West High (Flyer)

November 18

  • PTO Dairy Queen Dine and Donte, 4-7pm

November 22

  • Picture Re-Take Day, 8:30-9:30am

November 24-November 26

  • No School

December 1

  • PTO Little Caeser's Fundraiser starts

December 13

  • Field Trip-Mrs. Hendricks 3rd Grade going to the Paine Art Center - Nutcracker in the Castle

December 14

  • Field Trip-Mrs. Urbas and Mrs. Fazer 3rd Grade going to the Paine Art Center - Nutcracker in the Castle

December 16

  • PTO Meeting, 6:00pm

December 21

  • PTO Santa Literacy Night

December 23-Jan 2

  • Winter Break