2023-24 Back to School Notes

August 10, 2023

Dear Oaklawn Families,

The Oaklawn staff are excited to welcome your child(ren) (back) to Oaklawn for the 2023-24 school year! Here are some important notes to start the school year:

  • Our Open House/Get To Know You Conferences will be held on Tuesday, August 29th and Wednesday, August 30th from 3:00-6:00 pm. We will be sending a letter to families via the IC parent portal on Monday, August 22nd with your child’s teacher name and a link for you to sign up for a conference time.  We encourage your family to drop off school supplies in your child's assigned locker at this time (name tags will be on the locker in the hall by the door to the classroom.  

  • **NEW** Lighted School House Program - This program is very successful in other buildings in our school district.  For more information or to sign up for LHS please click here.  The mission of the Community Learning Centers in Oshkosh is to empower students socially and academically by providing unique extended-day learning opportunities in partnership with schools, families, and the community. Students participate in activities that expand on learning in ways that differ from methods used during the school day. These interactive and project-focused activities allow students to apply knowledge and skills learned in school to real-life experiences.

  • Free/Reduced Lunch-Even though we do serve free breakfast and lunch to all students here at Oaklawn, students will still be charged for taking a snack milk.  Snack milk is offered to every student, every day unless the parent has spoken to the teacher.  If you want your child to receive snack milk for free then you need to complete the Free/Reduced Application form.  The application is located in your IC Parent Portal under the “More” tab at the bottom then click on “Meal Benefits”. 

  • Please find the school supply list linked here.

  • All families are reminded to register their students in their IC Parent Portal.  We still have families that are not confirmed as attending this year.  Online Registration is required for all families before the start of every school year.  If a grade level fills up before you sign up your child, they may have to attend a different school.  

  • Network Photography will take student pictures during the school day on Friday, September 29, 2023.  Link

  • The first day of school is Friday, September 1st. All students will line up with their class on the blacktop or sidewalk. Students can be dropped off between 7:30am and 7:40am.  All students should be ready to enter the building at 7:40am.  Note that hugs and well wishes will take place on the blacktop; for the safety of all students no visitors are allowed to enter the building with the class.  Parents and guardians should access the main office through door #1 for any needs or questions at any point throughout the school year.   

  • Please see our staffing update for the 23-24 school year. We are excited to welcome our new staff to this awesome school community!

  • The Oaklawn PTO has some new faces this year and is very energized. Please follow us on Facebook for information, updates and celebrations! 

We look forward to seeing you soon! 


Mr. Scott W. Johanknecht,  Oaklawn Principal